Bonang denounces R50,000 scam

She's not about to let her supporters get easilly scammed 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

Bonang Matheba

If there is one thing Bonang cares about more than her family and career it's her supporters. And one thing she'll never let happen to her fans is for them to become victims of scams that especially have her name attached to them.

The media personality was recently made aware of an online competition that claims that she's giving away R50,000 cash prize.

nope 2

Bonang was quickly alerted about the scam and shut it down immediately.


She also made it clear that if it was her, people would've known by now.

Bonang money

Online fraudsters are working overtime, just recently Dineo Moeketsi also warned her supporters about scammers who were trying to make money off of her.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Bonang_M