Bonang Matheba is funnier than you think

Which is why she doesn't GAF what anybody else thinks 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Bonang Matheba is funnier than you think

Not many people have had the pleasure of a first hand interaction with Mo'Ghel and that is probably why they all assume the worst about her (including how she reacts to her name making headlines). 

But those who know Bonang Matheba and have spent time around her know that she actually has a killer sense of humor. 

We were reminded of this when we came across this clip from her reality show Being Bonang when Matheba address the furore surrounding the erroneous first edition of her book, From A to B (which is now available as an e-book on Amazon). 

When the errors first made headlines, Black Twitter was QUICK with the jokes and 'Your Girl B' saw every single one of them. Not one to react on social media, nobody had any idea how she would react to it all but this but the clip below show that she took it in her stride, like a champ. 

She has since corrected the errors and rereleased the book but the focus on that was short lived after rumors surfaced that her rapper beau, AKA may be cheating on her with an Instagram baddie. 

Apart from the outright denial from AKA and the occasional Instagram story of their candle-lit dinners in the garden of AKA's Bryanston home, the pair have not really addressed the issue (and we doubt they are going to) but from what we've seen of B* (and granted that the story isn't true), we can only imagine what jokes Bonang is cracking about this situation. 

The young lady at the centre of the drama, Nicole Nyaba, who was recently put on blast by her ex for cheating, also seems unbothered as she goes for massages and beauty treatments on the gram. She can even be seen puffing on a little something (that is not a cigarette) and sipping on some champagne while trap plays in the background. 

Ever since the news broke, both women have received crazy amounts of attention while the man at the centre of it all enjoys his peace. At least he has got his girl's amazing sense of humor to get them through it all. 

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