Bonnie, "I have battle scars on my body!"

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Audiences in South Africa will be as familiar with Bonnie Mbuli as any other actress at the moment. We've already seen her as Dudu Bogatsu in Rockville, the telenovela produced by Connie and Shona Ferguson, and we'll be seeing her again in season two which is scheduled to start on February 9. Bonnie will be also been playing a role as Detective Lungi Mtaba in Traffic!'s new crime drama which begins on February 12.
"I have battle scars on my body," Mbuli said, this is the result after tackling men "three times" her size and flying down banisters during the shooting of the new series.
"It was very scary - you go into it wondering: 'What if I break my neck?', then you start wondering if it's going to look convincing [on screen]. I had to push myself every time.
"I don't have fake nails and I'm a simple girl. I was not the girl the boys asked out. I was hanging with the boys," the actress said.
"I'm not a super feminist or something, I'm pro-women. But we need it because of what's going on in our streets; the oppression of women and children. In a patriarchal society like ours, it's important for how women see themselves and their identity. -Mbuli said.
"I can't wait for women to see the show, and men too, because I kick a lot of men's arses. I'm also excited about finally being back acting, because I really love it."
Mbuli moved back to Cape Town late last year where she made a name for herself.  She said she enjoys having more time to spend with her two sons.
(Credit Image:Gallo Images.Bonnie Mbuli)