Boxing star and girlfriend in fight with cops

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Simba, who goes by the nickname Black Panther, was with his girlfriend Leandra Beyers when they were stopped by police and searched.

Speaking to the Cape Times the boxer said that when the cops failed to find any drugs on him they asked him to remove his pants.

“I told them, ‘You can’t do that, you can’t disrespect me’,” he said. At this point he said one of the officers began hitting him.

Simba, who has laid a charge of assault against the officers in question, said his girlfriend was filming the incident which caused the cops to switch their attention to him.

The burly slugger said he was forced to push Beyers against a fence so that he could shield her from the shower of blows.


(Credit:Facebook,Gallo Images.Flo Simba)