Buhle Mkhize comes to Bonang's defence

The self proclaimed slay Queen is Bonang's fan

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Buhle Mkhize is undoubtedly South Africa's most popular mistress. We first met her when it was revealed that she was  allegedly dating Minister Malusi Gigaba for a couple of years while he was still married to his current wife. The New York City based socialite is also shooting a reality show to document her life.

We were quiet surprised to find out that Buhle is one of Bonang's biggest fans, she came to her defence on Instagram.

SHE WHO REIGNS MUTHA FUK'n SUPREME !!!🙌🏾🇿🇦❤️. We love and support you- well I DO. Adjust that crown mama and continue to put our country on the map🙌🏾. Dear 'fans' ; do NOT come for me I'll drag you to the front of the school yard. My post isn't ukuncenga anything because I do NOT do a&& kissing -unganya ubudle. This is genuine love and support for someone who makes it so beautiful being a woman and a go getter. You should just rejoice in that you've had your chance to drag and humiliate her. I know you've been waiting for years👀. You clearly don't understand public humiliation because no one knows your name. You are left free to make a million change count errors kwaShoprite and you misspell the [email protected]#t out of everything in your cubicle but no one says anything because ASIKWAZI. Myekeni bo !. Tweet the fact that we can mention her name amongst women like Halle Berry🙌🏾🇿🇦. I dedicate RISE UP by Andra Day to you @bonang_m and every woman who's currently going through something. RISE UP IN SPITE OF ACHE. Happy Women's month QUEENS !!!. ......Aaaah thank heavens I don't need slides for the gram🤣. By the way let me not forget to mention ukuthi KwaZulu we believe kukhona abantu abazalwa bembethe. Bonang is one of them so AKAYI NDAWO !!!. . #IAmNEVERAfraidToTakeAStand #WomenSupportingWomen

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Girl Power!

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