Buzzing with Hanneke

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Hi Hanneke, welcome to ZAlebs! How are you doing today? 

Thank you very much and I’m feeling excited!

For those who don’t know you too well, please introduce us to Hanneke? 

Well I’m a female South African entrepreneur and I have created a company that is creating jobs and focussed on making a difference. we are already touching lives with regards to the staff, the parents and the children. All we wanted to achieve is a platform that can help people build confidence, boost social skills, keep buzzing, and that’s really the brand that we have created. 

Tell us more about Buzz Media and what you do for children around the country? 

Well there is a lot that we do for kids, but I suppose the main thing, like I said is to build confidence, boost social skills and keep buzzing. So how we achieve this, is that we work with kids exclusively in the foundation phase age. That's basically children who are still in preschool and what we offer those children is a variety of things, but as a whole we are a weekly work shop that focuses on drama, dance, music and working together. 

We’ve read that you’re a trained actor too. Did your background in performance influence your decision to help children in drama, dance and music? 

Absolutely that is how I got here, because I studied theatre at UCT. So I’m using what I’ve learned to teach others so basically I just wanted to give back you know.

How do you find the children you want to work with? 

Well mainly word of mouth is what attracts people to us. Buzz on the streets.

We’ve seen a lot of child stars grow up in South Africa with the likes of Yo.TV and KTV providing opportunities in the past. Do you think fame at a young age is a good thing? 

I don’t actually, I specifically created Buzz not to push out stars and we don’t have an agency linked into us. This means a single child no matter how they are whether they are introverted and extroverted they are all special within a buzz family.  But with their age I don’t think that is something which is healthy.

Is it the same if a 9 year old is on X-factor and has to perform against professional’s week in, week out? 

I don’t think it’s the same, I think children have the natural ability to believe in themselves, express themselves and be really, really truthful, which I think some adults don’t have.

Can we expect to see you making your way into the entertainment industry any time soon? 

No, I’m basically someone that is an entrepreneur and I’d like to remain that.

Who are some of the celebrities you would like to see get involved with Buzz Media? 

Well I suppose people that understand the meaningfulness of a cause for children, as well as people who are quite cool. I like the idea of maybe working with the likes of Lira, Mi Casa or DJ Fresh.

Where can parents/school staff get in touch if they’d like to get their children/students involved?

They can go to our website which is , and it’s very easy to navigate.