Carol Ofori on her successful radio journey

Carol speaks on running her own race within the entertainment industry

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Carol Ofori

Seasoned journalist and broadcaster Carol Ofori is one of the most respected and well-renowned radio voices in the entertainment industry. After expanding her brand as a television presenter, we sat down with the media personality to speak about her journey.

Carol Ofori's dedicated fans would know that the media personality’s voice is a familiar voice that we always hear serenading us on our favourite radio and television commercials.

Carol strongly believes that being hear is very important. "I think it’s very important that we have a voice, and for me, my voice is what I know," she shared during our interview with her. There's nothing that multi-talented broadcaster can't do with her voice. "If they want me to sound like a strong entrepreneurial business woman, that’s what I’ll give them. And then there are other times when they want me to bring out the motherly, loving, nurturing side. And the other times, it’s the cheeky sassy side, which I think every woman has that as well." 

Carol Ofori

The entertainment industry has rapidly grown into a very competitive space, especially in this digital age, and Carol has been part of the transition. She explained that she's happy to still be able to run her own race in this ever-changing space.

“It’s crazy that people still remember my surname from those days, and I’ve been Ofori now for four. So, what it tells me is that I was clearly doing something good because if people can remember me this long on, it means that there was something good that they were remembering, or something bad, I don’t know but it’s nice that it still resonates." 

From working as a newsreader on campus radio station in UJ, to working for commercial radio stations such as Kaya FM and Metro FM, Carol has certainly earned her stripes. The East Coast radio personality's eighteen year journey has been one hell of a joy ride that has earned her status amongst renowned brands.

Carol Ofori

Although she's gained veteran status and has built a successful brand for herself, while securing the bag on various platforms, Mrs Ofori is adamant that she still hasn't yet reached the peak of her career and is still ''praying for a big opportunity'' to come her way. 

"We have had a really interesting relationship, radio and I. There’s been times where we’ve loved each other really nicely, and other times where we almost parted ways... And it’s nice to see other presenters reach their peak, and come down and chill for a minute and then another opportunity comes 'cause then it shows that opportunities are coming, and that’s what keeps me excited. But I mean, everybody these days wants to do radio so...

"Sometimes you feel like you’re overlooked and not because you don’t have a talent, maybe you’re not thin enough, or you’re not pretty enough or you not popular enough, I hate that about the industry, but it doesn’t stop me from believing that what’s for me...ain't nobody gonna stop that…you can’t fight it, that’s all I say, you just have to adapt and survive... The world will keep changing," she said. 

Carol Ofori

Adapting into what the entertainment industry is today has been something that Ofori has been content with, so much so that in just living and believing her truth, and even opening a new chapter of motherhood, has her hosting a parenting show called Raising Babies 101, which she has labelled as one of her career highlights.

She is now in a happy space. Having a successful career and a supportive family is all that she feels is worth making time for: “I’m hoping soon another baby will be on the way... Family is so important to me... I have more time for my family than anything else. When everything is done and dusted, that’s all that’s gonna be there for me." 

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