Catching up with Farieda Metsileng

She's just what the entertainment industry needs.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM


MTV Base VJ and internet sensation - Farieda Metsileng aka Pharoahfi has caught the attention of many ever since her comic skits went viral on social media, basically, Farieda is one of those TV personalities that are easy to love and hard to forget.

ZAlebs caught up with the media personality to speak more about her life as an MTV VJ and how life has been like since she was thrust into the limelight a few years back.

What has been the greatest thing about being an MTV Base VJ?


I never knew I would explore the possibilities of being a presenter because my passion was always acting. Having said that, being an MTV VJ has opened up my eyes to a new world, even helped me perform better when I am acting. I’ve kind of learned to cultivate the informative side of myself and navigate many other unknown territories (i.e MC’ing) etc.

In a short space of time you’ve managed to receive a lot of fame and success in the entertainment industry, however, if you had to, what would be the one thing you would love to trade about this new-found fame you now have?

Farieda 2

I wouldn’t trade it for anything because it doesn’t faze me. I’m not concerned with it because fortunately or unfortunately, it comes with the territory.

Your hilarious comedy skits are loved by many across the country, would you consider doing stand-up comedy in the near future?

Once again this question follows me. Yes, one day I'd love to. I want to try everything at least once and if it works and I like it, it’ll be part of my other talents.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on live television, if so please tell us more about it?

I have embarrassing moments all the time but because people know me to be unpredictable, it’s not a shock or unexpected. I’ve made people comfortable with being myself all the time so nothing really shocks them in a weird way.

We’re sure you have a lot of brands that approach you to work with them, how do you decide which brands to work and not to work with as someone who is now in the public eye?

I have a manager who is also my sister. If there’s anyone who knows the industry and its pros and cons it’s her. We have discussions about what would be good or not for now and then work from there. It also helps that I get to tell her what I want and we take it from there. I also have friends who are more advanced in terms of branding that I consult for reputable advice.

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Besides being an MTV Base VJ what else do you do for the MTV Base brand? For example, do you co-produce on the side? Write scripts for other shows?
I would like to say I co-produced a segment on MTV called Room Of Safety Alongside Thlonipho. These are little pills that tackle issues that people aren’t really comfortable talking about but want to hear about. I’d love to produce my own show (I’m working on it)

2018 is almost done, does Farieda already have projects planned for 2019?

Many things planned for 2019 I'm not revealing anything because you’ll see it all unfold.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Pharoahfi