Celebrating nurse characters on International Nurse Day

We take a look at some of our favourite nurse characters on this Interntional Nurse Day.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Lilian Dubes

Today, 12 May, marks the celebration of International Nurse Day, a day made to appreciate and respect the thankless work of nurses across the globe.

From working late night shifts to dealing with sometimes ungrateful patients, being a nurse is no easy job. Yes, we’ve all come across one or two nurses that have rubbed us the wrong way, but we still appreciate the work they do regardless.

In light of International Nurse Day we take a look at some of our favourite actresses who played the role of a nurse in a local soapie.

Lillian Dube as Sister Bettina on Soul City

Sister Bettina

This wouldn’t be a real Nurse list without the legendary Sister Bettina from Soul City.

Sister Bettina’s sheer passion and love for her work as a nurse always left us in admiration, regardless of her working conditions. The character always placed patients first before her or any doctor she was working under.

Rea Segoati as Puleng on Ya LLa

Ya lla nurse

Nurse Puleng on Ya Lla was the ultimate heroine of the show. Without Puleng, we honestly don’t know how Lenka would’ve survived. Puleng always placed herself in the line of fire to help and save the community, even if it meant her life could potentially be in danger.

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Talitha Ndima as nurse Phumza on iGazi

Bantu nurse

Since she met and helped an injured Bantu on iGazi, Talitha's life has been nothing but a rollercoaster ride.  Her role as a nurse has now required her to not only save lives, but expose the corruption done by Jonga and Dr Rhodes on the show, plus help Bantu succeed in replacing his late father as the rightful heir.

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