Celebrities who have kept their weddings a secret

They really know how to keep things on the downlow

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

Zizo and Mayihlome

These well-known couples suprised a lot of us when pictures of their wedding surfaced on the internet without any announcement on when they'd be getting married.

We knew they were a couple and at some point, we also knew that these well known public figures were engaged. But we didn't know were the dates for their weddings.

Here are the couples who really kept their weddings a top secret until the day of the wedding.

Zizo & Mayihlome Tshwete
Zizo and mayi

The Tswhete's tied the knot on the most random of days -  Friday the 11th of December 2015. 

That's how lowkey they wanted everything to be, but as always, these things had a way of getting to us.

The wedding was attended by top political officials and the likes of Khaya Dlanga and Shaka Sisulu.

zi and ma
Nandi and Zakes Madida

Another couple that really didn't want their marriage to be public knowledge was Nandi and Zakes who got married two years ago. The couple recently celebrated 2-years of marriage this week.

In previous interviews, Nandi had mentioned that she didn't want any fuss over her wedding and opted to not invite media.

The only picture of her wedding gown is the one below.


But then again, the couple is known for their surprises, remember when she walked the ramp at SA Fashion Week, debuting her baby bump? That time we didn't even know she was pregnant.

Miza & Fulu

We didn't even know that the two were even dating, a well-kept secret which was a pleasant surprise.

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