Women In Zimbabwe Are Owning Their Looks

They are taking over the fashion and beauty industry.

By  | Dec 21, 2019, 03:00 PM

When it comes to beauty and style, these women are definitely owning it. However, money cannot buy style, so making it onto the best dressed list is an achievement on its own. The best style does not simply come through what you are able to afford, but instead it is a rare ability to express and effectively communicate your personal style to the world. 

When it comes to style and dress etiquette with these celebrities in Zimbabwe, there are names that stand out. 

See how these women are endowing themselves in the most glamorous looks and how their grabbing everyone's attention on these streets.  

Vimbai Mutinhiri


Vimbai Mutinhiri is a Zimbabwean actress, model, and TV personality. She was born in Harare on the 18th February 1987. She studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and earned her honours degree in politics, philosophy and economics. In 2011 Vimbai participated in Big Brother Africa Amplified.
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Vimbai’s look, along with almost everything else about her, is rather unique. Her style has evolved into chic, elegant, playful and quirky.


Pokello is a Zimbabwean media personality, entrepreneur and socialite. She was a housemate in Big Brother Africa (Season 8) the Chase in 2013. She is the stepdaughter of Ignatius Chombo and is one of the most influential Zimbabweans at present.
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Pokello is well known for her expensive and tailored clothing, earning her the name Queen of Swagger. Blessed with a well toned body, she rocks any outfit glamorously. She has her own shoe line called Pokello Pink Bottoms. 

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

Her style is an extention of her personality. She wears warm, comforting colours, with textures and cuts that work with her body. Ruvhi never fails to add a modern touch though and with her natural crown of hair that we adore, she sets herself apart when it comes to fashion and style.
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Mbo Mahocs

Mbo Mahocs was born Mbonisi Mahonondo and is a Zimbabwean socialite, television personality and architect. She studied architectural studies at Bulawayo Polytechnic. She co-hosts the TV show Thatha Wena with Gilmore Tee. She also co-hosted the Zimbabwe Music Awards red carpet with Gilmore Tee in 2016.
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She has a youthful yet elegant style filled with bright multi-colors, various and unique designs and dynamic cuts. Her style is definitely edgy and her multiple layers shows off her unique personality. 

Tamy Moyo


She is a Zimbabwean singer/songwriter and guitarist known mostly for her 2016 song Ndibereke. She is one of the youngest musicians in Zimbabwe and the daughter of Star FM Presenter Richard Kohola, known as RK The Music Doctor. Tamy Moyo is a fashion inspiration for young people. Her fashion is stylish and modern and always suited for the occasion. Evident by her videos, her clothes are edgy, trendy and colorful. She is never shy to experiment with bold colors.
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These celebs are the true definition of our fave looks and they get a thumbs up. Read the full article here.

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