Chomee exposes promoters

It's reported that she's tired of being taken for a ride and just wants to get paid.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:56 PM


Having given an impressive performance at the SAMAs you would think that things are more than gravy for Chomee, but according to the latest news, the artist is a bit frustrated with promoters and how they exploit artists, especially female artists.

According to Sunday World Chomee expressed her grievances towards music promoters who haven't paid what is rightfully due to her.

According to the report, it's alleged that there are several music promoters who owe Chomee large sums of money for gigs she's performed at.

Chomee therefore, decided to pen down a letter lambasting promoters for the unfair treatment she's been receiving with regards to finances.

Parts of the letter reads;

"I am writing this letter to try and get them to realize times are hard for me and I need to survive to support my family. I am writing this letter out of frustration as a young female artist."

In the letter, it is said that Chomee also wrote that she is frustrated at how music promoters treat women in the industry like objects. It's reported that she is owed hundreds of thousands of rands from high-profile individuals in the industry.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Chomee1