Chris Brown needs to move out of LA

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Yesterday the world was informed about a shootout in LA during Chris Brown’s X album launch at 1OAK nightclub in West Hollywood. The launch was attended by the likes of Justin Bieber and former Death Row CEO Suge Knight who was recently shot six times and has currently undergone surgery since the life-threatening altercation. 

Many of CB fans were quite relieved that their precious Breezy fled the venue unscathed, but will he be as lucky the next time? It’s been lingering in our thoughts lately but since last night’s incident it’s evident that Chris needs to move out of LA, as in pronto! 

The first time our “concerns” arose was during his They don’t know music video where Chris is seen walking with a bunch of younger men in what seems like a hood in LA. It was not the bunch of men that Chris was walking with that had us a bit alarmed, instead, it was the colours (red and blue) that were highlighted on their items of clothing that had our eyebrows raised a bit.

If you know the significance of both these colours you’ll understand that in the streets of LA, the red and blue represent rival gang groups the Bloods (red) and Crips (blue).

Yes, Chris Brown was using these colours in a positive context but this could’ve possibly sent the wrong message to both rival gangs (Oh and, are you either a Blood or a Crip, Chris?). He’s obviously neither but it’s a known fact that such colour affiliation can cause some tension, and the next thing you’re finding yourself dodging flying bullets. There are no reports that the shots were fired by either gangs, but hey! you never know.

Secondly Chris should learn from his idol Michael Jackson who, in 2006, left LA to live in Europe (Bahrain) in order to get away from the madness that is Tinseltown. We’re not saying Breezy should skip the country, but another city would be beneficial, Atlanta or New York preferably. 

Paparazzi’s are everywhere, but they literally breed in LA, you can’t even take a peaceful stroll in the streets without their lenses shoved in front of your face.

Understandably, LA is convenient for an entertainer but when gun shots are targeted at you or your team it becomes more than just a hint that maybe it’s time you had a change of location. But after all this writing, Christopher seems like he wasn’t too fazed about Saturday nights shooting by the looks of this Instagram video.