"I may never be able to have children" says Cici

Following the release of her heartbreaking track, titled Iqiniso, Cici opens up about the extent of her injuries 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

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In recent weeks, Cici and her ex-boyfriend, 999 boss, Arthur Mafokate have been dominating headlines following horrific details about their domestic dispute hitting the media about a month ago. 

Cici has been very candid about her injuries but in a recent tell-all interview with Sunday World, the RnB musician shared more about just how bad her relationship with Mafokate was. 

According to Cici, their romantic relationship began last April but quickly took a turn for the worst when she voiced her concerns about his fidelity. 

"We were sitting at home and I asked him to give me his phone as I was suspicious of the way he was interacting with it. He refused and we got into an altercation which led to him choking me and dragging me out of the bedroom. As we approached the staircase I kicked against the railing of the staircase to try and free myself. We then tumbled down the stairs and when he got up, he chocked me again and dragged me into the guest room. The only time he stopped choking me was when I started bleeding from my private part. I was feeling very weak at the time. He went out and just left me there on the floor," explained Cici.

The physical abuse was also coupled with emotional abuse which caused Cici to withdraw from most of her social interactions. 

She also revealed how she wasn't getting any of her royalties. "I wouldn't get royalties for my album, radio and television airplay. So, when he announced that he was quitting the music industry and he would release all his artists from their contracts, I asked him to give me my clearance and I joined Ambitiouz," she explained.

The straw that broke the camel's back (so to speak) was the highly publicized incident in which Arthur broke her pelvic bones. And now, because of her injuries, she may have difficulty conceiving and carrying a child. 

"He said during pregnancy the child sits on the pelvic bones and because mine were broken and had screws in them, I may never be able to have children," explained Cici about what her doctor told her. 

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