CiCi leaves 999 music for Ambitiouz Entertainment and learns to walk again

Cici leaves her older record label for greener pastures.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


After experiencing a tumultuous time in June, Cici has decided to pick up the pieces of her life and move on to a new record label.

Since the news broke about the alleged abuse she experienced at the hands of Arthur, Cici has decided to make a few changes in her life.

One of those changes includes changing record labels and becoming the latest member of Ambitiouz Entertainment. 

Cici has joined the label two months after Priddy Ugly confirmed his allegiance to the label as well.

In June, Cici shocked a lot of people when she revealed the injuries she sustained from her altercation with Arthur Mafokate. 

The musician and dancer underwent a pelvic replacement operation and has since undergone several physiotherapy appointments to help her walk again.


Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic