Classy Unathi responds to haters in style

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

In the wise words of, er, someone... "Haters gonna hate". Unathi doesn't seem too phased by the idea of people who have nothing better to do than hate on her. If you missed it earlier this week, social media went crazy over a picture of Unathi. It wasn't the usual "good" kind of crazy though; her make-up free pic went semi-viral with people laughing and blasting her for seemingly not being good looking enough. 

When you're a talented radio DJ, a singer and a judge on one of South Africa's biggest reality tv shows (SA Idols) you can be excused for not giving a damn about what people say about you, even when it's negative. While we don't really think the comments over her picture kept Unathi awake at night, we think the way she responded was absolutely perfect. The best way to suffocate haters is to kill them with success and kindness; the Instagram post below was the perfect riposte. 


I cry to release the pain because I can't live with it. I cry because I am so happy at that moment and words escape me. To feel is to live! To live is to feel!

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As if she hadn't done enough to respond, Unathi then added the following comment to this post: 

“Good Morning beautiful ladies. Thank you for your love, defense and pride. I really am okay because I really have never been into my appearance. I just worry about young women because we seem to love to destroy each other. I've learnt that HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE,"

Can we get an UMPH! Look, there will always be haters but you can either stoop to their levels, or rise above exactly as Unathi has done.