#BlackPrivilege Gets People Talking

Helen Zille's Unapologetic About Problematic Tweet

By  | May 20, 2019, 11:29 AM

And we're back at it again, with the shining ignorance from our "leaders"-unfortunately.

Politician Helen Zille remains unapologetic after the massive backlash she received on social media after saying that some black South Africans, like some white South Africans, enjoy what she called “black privilege” because of the corrupt politicians who looted billions and still got re-elected.

Let's backtrack, shall we?

This past Saturday, a tweet with now the viral poem video titled "If you want to know what White Privilege is, you need to hear this", which is of an African American woman relaying what white privilege is. Encompassing everything from slavery to colonialism and how white people have benefited from it, till this day.

This caught the attention of a Caucasian male who then reposted the video with a comment which read, "White privilege? This outburst sounds more like ‘I hate whites’".

Helen Zille, then chimed in to add:

Zille's less than educated question saw her receive scores of responses about the effects of colonialism and white privilege, to which she responded by saying; "If people want permanent poverty for the masses they are going about it the right way."

Clearly taking (bitter) jabs and reference to the ANC winning the elections this year. Of which, some of the party's leaders are facing allegations of corruption and money laundering from the state.

Responses flocked in as people challenged Zille's point of view.

Because quite honestly, what is Black Privilege?

How can one equate criminal activity done by a select few in power, to privilege? Looting money and corruption, just highlights crime. If black privilege was a thing, wouldn't all black people benefit from these acts, the way colonialism has benefited white people? Hmm, but  I digress.

Former public protector Thuli Madonsela asked Zille to withdraw her statements. But Zille would not budge (fakes horror) as she said South Africans need to stop stigmatizing "whiteness".

With every statement made by Zille, she tends to dig herself a deeper grave.

Since then, the term "black privilege" has dominated the trends list on Twitter, with thousands of people commenting over a three-day period.

People are still in outrage and disbelief. Here are some of the reactions you may have missed in the crossfire.

Whatever rocks were thrown into Zille's glass house, she goes about her life unscathed and unbothered.

Helen already moved on to the next subject by responding to a crazed fan who kicked film star Arnold Schwarzenegger on his visit to South Africa this week.

Even this seems like a reach but it wouldn't be a first for the controversial MP.

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