Could this hottie be Samkelo Ndlovu’s new man?

He looks very scrumdilioscious too.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


Nothing is known about the relationship status of these two but they seem kind of cosey from where we’re sitting.

Although none of the posts confirm the relationship, Samkelo and this handsome chocolate man who goes by the name of Sello Nhlapho seem like they might have a little som’som' going on if you know what we mean.

Samkelo Ndlovu

The pair often posts pictures together or o each other  (more her than him) and we all know that no matter how much you love your friend, you won’t let them crowd your social media pages now will you?


The young man is a model and like most models, he seems to have a lot of female friends and amongst all the friends, Samkelo is the only one he gets super cosy with.

If they’re together, we must applaud the Rhythm City actress because she bagged herself a really fine dark chocolate of a man.

Samkelo and boo

Must be nice.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@SamkeloNdlovu