Could we be witnessing the era of a new AKA?

Ever since taking charge of his own brand, he claims to have a new social media strategy but will it last? 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM


When you hear the name AKA, music isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. Nor do you stop to think of him as a brand. All that AKA is has become marred by his notoriety as a hothead.

Luckily for Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, his musical talent has always been his saving grace, much like his international musical counterparts, Chris Brown and Kanye West.

He even admitted to this in a recent interview with fellow musician and hip-hop culture connoisseur, Slikour, as part of the latter’s ‘On the Ground’ feature for his blog.

Slikour gave AKA the chance to explain the vision behind his newly established management group, The Beam Group as well as his relationship with his former management company Vth Season.  

According to the rapper, the main reason for this move was his new found appreciation for ownership.


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“I wanna build something that I can leave behind for my daughter and really just build something of my own”

The Beam Group is not a record company, however and seeing as AKA feels that Vth Season has always done a great job in that aspect, he shall continue working with the company in that arena.

“You can’t call yourself a boss if someone else is paying you a salary. No matter how big that salary is, you are only a boss if you’re paying yourself.”

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AKA mentioned just how happy he is about the Cruz Vodka brand ambassadorship deal as it’s the first deal his management company has signed all on it’s own. In addition to that, the fact it’s a full-spec deal that involves a broad-spectrum marketing budget as opposed to a deal that focuses solely on digital marketing, is something that he particularly is proud of.

He is also looking into branching out into philanthropy after working a lot with other foundations like Reach for a Dream and the Patrice Mostepe Foundation.

Slikour then asked a question most of us have had on our minds... How is AKA going to balance his online persona alongside his business persona and ensure that his opinion doesn’t hurt his brand?

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AKA then explained that he has a new way of dealing with social media. Firstly, he says that he no longer has the Twitter app on his phone so that doesn’t instantly gets notifications anymore.

“The cool thing about my new social media attitude right now is that I only use it when I need to, you know, I’ve developed a system. Like I don’t have the app on my phone so I don’t get notifications. So, social media works like this for me… I don’t wanna know if you don’t like my song, and I don’t wanna know if you like my song...”

This is because he’s apparently trying to live more in the moment and less on the phone. Which, in turn, creates a buffer for him and he’s not so tempted to hop on Twitter and say things that are detrimental to his brand.

He has done so in the past on many occasions and it seems as though he doesn’t regret a thing. He stands by what he said based on the problems he had with certain brands.

“I’m not scared of anybody when it comes to principles. You’ve got to be a man of principles and I feel like I am a man of principles.”

The conversation then turned to music.

According to AKA, and contrary to what the streets have been saying, in his role as a producer, he has always been fond of sampling Kwaito and House beats for his tracks because it is a uniquely South African sound, and as such, it is something we can put our stamp on and export to the world.

He referenced songs such as Baddest and Congratulate to illustrate his point.

The rapper even went so far as to say he got the chance to speak to American-Nigerian artist, Jidenna, on his recent stop over in South Africa and Jidenna told him that Kanye specifically asked his ‘The Life of Pablo’ production team to sample South African house beats which can be heard on songs such as Fade Featuring Post Malone.

Hmmm, who knew…?

As for the new AKA, I guess we can’t expect an overnight change but it would be great not to log on to see things like this....

Even if he earned more than that number 5 spot...

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