Culoe De Song’s Washa receives great response

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

So there are two crucial albums that are being released today, 29 April. For the hip hop heads, its Drake's fifth studio album, Views. For House lovers, it’s Culoe De Song's sixth studio album -  Washa, which has been trending for a couple of hours now.

But because we’re proudly South African, it’s only right we focus on how well Washa is currently doing on iTunes.

Since its release, Washa has been sitting at the number two spot on iTunes, right on the tail of Beyonce’s latest release, Lemonade.

“It’s been an insane journey putting together this piece. The story behind #Washa is much deeper than the naked term. I had to find a way to express myself, my personal story, through fiction and music. These are elements that feed our imagination greatly and I’m all about living in the greatest nation in the world!” Culoe De Song wrote on his Instagram account just a few minutes before he announced the release date of Washa.

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Twitter has been abuzz since the release and Culoe De Song’s album and supporters have shown their love by screengrabbing their digital copy of the album.

And of course, who cares about Lemonade and Views when we have Washa in our presence.

We are not worthy at all...

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We have no doubt that if Washa was released a bit sooner, it would have definitely scooped two or more SAMA nominations for this year.

Image Credit: Instagram