Date My Family fans not happy with the Miss SA pageant taking over the show's slot

Taking a look at the hilarious tweets from Date My Family fans who are not impressed that the show was postponed for next week because of the Miss South Africa pageant.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM


As some of us are currently enjoying Miss South Africa 2017, the die-hard Date My Family fans are furious and showing it in the funniest of ways.

Sometimes when you're looking for a good laugh, you don't need to search far, all you need to do is simply log onto Twitter and you're well on your way to laughing for hours on end.

Just as we thought that South Africans would be glad to be watching Miss South Africa 2017, it turns out that some people would actually prefer to watch Date My Family than the pageant.

Here are some of the funniest tweets we've seen from the uproar that came from the Date My Family fans.

But wait...hold on..does this mean we're also not going to see Our Perfect Wedding?



Oh, wait, we just checked the DStv schedule, Our Perfect Wedding will be airing tonight.


Anyway, here are our favourite tweets from the disappointed Date My Family fans.

Mgijimi was even pulled into this.

Will the Miss SA 2018 pageant go back to the M-Net channel? We'll just have to wait and see.

Ja neh the people have spoken and they're not happy.

Guys, did we ever consider that maybe the sponsors of the pagent actually paid some cold-hard cash for the pageant to be aired on Mzansi Magic?

But then again, we don't think viewers care.

Wow, people really feel disrespected. Maybe Date My Family could've played at 7pm and then Our Perfect Wedding at 8pm? 

What are your thoughts about the Miss SA pageant replacing Date My Family?

Main Image Credit: Facebook/Date My Family