Date My Family: Viewers drag women who want men with cars

It's a hard knock life out here.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM


Maybe Date My Family should now officially be named Date My Car - that's if you even have one.

Owning a car as a bachelor is like a prerequisite for you to score a second date on this show and not having your own wheels is an equivalent of being a "loser" according to most of the ladies who participate in this show.

This is quite ironic considering that most of them sometimes don't even have their own cars 


When the show first started a few years back, viewers didn't think much about these vehicle prerequisites, but throughout the past couples of years it has become clear that some women come on this show not to find a potential relationship but to find her own minister of transport.

No wonder they love Date My Family's Driver Bae so much.

However, the car talk has become something that has recently annoyed a lot of viewers and they sure made their opinions heard after watching Sunday night's episode.

What makes the matter even more ridiculous is that if you're a bachelor that does have a car, the conversation then moves to 'what type of car do you drive?' 

Unfortunately, if your wheels aren't top of the range you might as well be in the same category as the ones who don't have cars at all because budget cars are not good enough for slay queens who don't even own their own cars.

Poor Leon found himself being judged after he revealed that he drives a Hyundai i10.

It really is rough.

You could be the greatest man on earth who treats all women with dignity and respect but if you don't have a set of expensive wheels you might just not be the ideal bachelor for these materialistic women.

We agree with this tweet if you want a man with a car, you should at least own a petrol station. Fair enough right?

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic