#DateMyFamily: Seno and her prescribed sunglasses

South African viewers were never ready for the circus that was about to take place on Date My Family this week.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:58 PM

Did Date My family Mbali lie about her age?

Laughter and utter annoyance was what many viewers felt after we were introduced to drama queen. Seno.

Date My Family strikes again with yet another contestant who had us picking our jaws up from the floor after she stunned us countless times with her diva ways.

Introducing media student, Seno, a young lady who clearly knew what she wanted from Date My Family and it sure wasn’t just a man - but some fame too.

From the get-go, we knew that Seno was going to rub a lot of viewers the wrong way. From the prescription glasses to her controversial comments, we were in for a ride.

Thick girls are out of season?

If there’s a group of people you should be wary of dissing on national TV it’s the thick girls. Seno pressed the wrong button when she mentioned that thick girls were out of fashion and that they age quicker than normal sized girls.

After that comment, we bet team thickness was like…..

Thick girls

Wearing sunglasses indoors

Then there were the prescribed sunglasses being worn indoors. Sorry, but that was just a publicity stunt which worked perfectly. If her goal was to have people talking, ranting, and raving, those shades helped.

The Khanyi Mbau comment

It’s clear that Seno did not like to be compared to Khanyi Mbau, regardless of how much she resembles the actress. We nearly fell off our chairs when Seno said that Khanyi bought her face! If Seno is trying to get into the industry by dissing those who are already in it, she’s going about this the wrong way. We hope Mbau does not respond to the shade that was thrown at her, as it's not worth it.

The three potential men 

Gold tooth

Sabelo and Siphiwe were actually decent guys, minus the silver tooth from Siphiwe. 

Gold tooth Michael on the other hand, was a big fat NO NO NO. 

The guy was suffering from a whole lot of thirst, plus he was just way too creepy for our liking. 

We knew Michael was really desperate when he offered to be the step-father to Seno’s kids after Seno had enquired if he had any children. 

Then there was the constant flicking of his dreadlocks - that just threw us off completely.

Although this episode was interesting, it's clear to see that some people come on the show not to find love, but to find some sort of fame.

Even though Siphiwe won the date, we're actually glad the two aren't going for a second date. They're just not compatible and we have a feeling that if they were to ever date, Siphiwe would be suffering from chest pains half of the time. Seno just seems like a lot of maintenance.

And would you look at that, Seno actually appeared on a recent issue of Entertainment magazine -Z'khiphani. Yep, this one is looking for fame and nothing more.