#DateMyFamily: Thato and Tshiamo are still very much together

We love these quick social media Date My Family follow ups we've been getting lately.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Thato and Tshiamo

And although we have no recollection of the status of some of the relationships that were birthed on Date My Family, we're glad to see that Thato & Tshiamo are still very much together.

As of late, Twitter FBI has been doing the most when it comes to digging dirt on almost every guy who has been on this seasons Date My Family, and let's just say it isn't looking too good for the gentlemen.

Remember how the broke ex-lover was exposed?

And don't get us started on Mdu and his British accent, however, a guy by the name of Thato has saved the male specimen this week with not only his good looks but also charm. (Which some aren't too convinced of) 

Although some thought Thato was a bore just because he didn't come with any drama in this episode, we're thankful for those who came to his defense.

Besides all the very opinionated tweets with regards to Sunday's posts, many people were thrilled to see that Thato and Tshiamo (the girl he chose) are still very much an item. 


His tweets were followed with many other tweets confirming that the two are still together and of course hopeless romantics all over Twitter rejoiced!

We finally got a break from all the drama that has been following the last couple of Date My Family episodes.

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But we must admit, Thato was spoiled for choice with all three of his potential dates,  from Palesa, to Talisa all 3 ladies were great potentials but there can only be one winner.

Glad to see that Tshiamo and Thato are still pushing their relationship even after the cameras have stopped rolling.

Image Credit: MzansiMagic/Twitter