Did Date My Family's Zulu girl lie about her age?

Date My Family Zulu girl hides her real age? For shame!

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Did Date My family Mbali lie about her age?

So we've just found out that Date My Family's Mbali, who appeared in Sunday's episode, seems to have lied about her age. But Why?

On the last episode of Date My Family, the Zulu girls take over (You can just hear the Major League song in your head, can’t you?). Mbali ended up being the lucky lady who walked away with the hunky Shaun, and everybody on social media thinks that they make a cute couple.

However, it seems as if one person is not as happy for Mbali as the rest of us are. ZAlebs received an anonymous email this week that alerted us to some foul play from last week’s episode.

Here is what one of Mbali’s alleged Facebook friends said about her: 

“I saw the episode 2 days ago. The Zulu girls actually lied on TV. What they did was false advertisement. Mbali has got two kids and she is 27 as well. I don't know why she hides her age because she is too hot for 27. You can find your proof on her facebook page”

We checked her Facebook page and there is nothing to indicate her age there. We were, however, able to find this picture of her two kids.

mbali and kids

In better news, it seems like Shaun and Mbali are just doing fine.

Mbali and Shaun

Image Credit: Facebook