Did you know that Thembi Nyandeni was also in a polygamous marriage on TV?

She was mostly referred to as umfazi wephepha on the show and boy was she dramatic.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

thembi nyandeni

Life of a polygamist on our TV screens is really not a foreign concept and as we enjoy every episode of #UthandoNesthembu, South African TV producers have always known that viewers have long had an interest in families that practice polygamy.

Our first encounter of polygamy on national television was through a drama series called Kwakhala Nyonini. 

The drama series leaned a bit more on the comedic side as well as we got introduced to a polygamist taxi owner by the name of Mfaniseni (Magic Hlatshwayo) who bit more than he can chew after he decided to enter into polygamy and marry several women.

One of those women was Thembi Nyandeni whose character name was Beauty but to the other wives, she was known as umfazi wephepha.

Thembi nyandeni

In the series, the actress was a very feisty woman from the city, who was sent to the rural areas by her husband Mfanseni, to live with his other wives, that living arrangement did not go down well with all the women.

Thembi Nyandeni would get accused of getting preferential treatment from her husband and lived in a much more lavish hut than the other ladies in the rural kraal.

Thembi Nyandeni did not appear in the first season of the show but in later seasons, it was reported that the first Beauty who had a similar resemblance to Thembi passed on whilst the show was in the process of shooting it's following seasons. That is when South African viewers got introduced to Thembi.

SABC Encore has since aired reruns of the show for our nostalgic pleasure.