Dineo Moeketsi brings you My Perfect Proposal

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM









We are loving Mzansi Magic and their tv shows right now (And we know you are too!). So you can imagine the grin on our faces when we heard that there’s going to be a new reality show titled My Perfect Proposal which is set to debut on our television screens soon. The thought of people proposing on national TV has the ZAlebs team all tingly inside, we can’t even fathom the amount of laughter, drama and most probable disasters that are about to ensue as soon as the show takes flight. We’re sure that there’s probably even a couple of social media vultures sharpening their claws right now- ready to devour whatever this new show has to offer.

Television sweetheart, Dineo Moeketsi is set to drive the show alongside rapper, Shugasmakx and according to their PR team the show is set to be action packed! Dineo and Shugasmakx will take us through an exciting journey which will follow regular South Africans as they discover remarkable ways to pop the question. Wait, so what happens if the person being proposed to says "No"?  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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You might be reading this article and thinking to yourself, this is a cop-out of Our Perfect Wedding. Well, if you consider how much of a success that show has been, Mzansi Magic's potential spin off idea looks like it could be a good one!

Over a three day period, the bravest couples will get the opportunity to share their “perfect proposal" as people from around the country watch it unravel, allowing the viewers to follow each and every moment and every emotion experienced leading up to the big day.

To add to this exciting announcement, the show has also decided to bring on board, fashion brand, Vintage Zionist to dress Dineo and make sure she looks glamourous and amazing for each episode.

According to PR company, Actorvate Relations, the My Perfect Proposal is guaranteed to be captivating as the show takes us through the nerve-wrecking experience of the hope-to-be-fiancé’s plan and their life-changing moment. Whether it will be a traditional proposal or an over the top gesture of love, the show’s main goal is to ensure that they help the individual pull off their proposal plans perfectly. 

What do you think, could this show be your next Sunday favourite?