What on earth is going on with DJ Dimplez' new cover art?

Somebody needs to asnwer for this cover art 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

What on earth is going on with DJ Dimplez' new cover art?

Whether he's blazing the decks by himself or as part of the party-starting trio, MVD, there's no denying that DJ Dimplez is freaking fantastic at what he does but the cover art for his latest single (brought to our attention by Youtuber, Sibu Mpanza) is a bit questionable. 

The image, for a single titled "What a Night" featuring. Tellaman and Kwesta, show's Dimplez exiting a club with a young woman, who can't seem to stand upright on her own, presumably because of the bottle of alcohol in her hand. 

The club in question is set in an alley though and the fact that Dimplez is taking this seemingly intoxicated woman home just looks... dodgy. 

Based on the responses to Sibu's tweet, we're not the only ones who think so. 

We get that they are trying to tell the story of an epic night out (or the aftermath thereof) but considering South Africa's femicide rates and the prevailing rape culture (especially in the club scene), it's pretty troubling that this image was still approved and nobody on the team seems to see anything wrong with it.  


DJ Dimplez has taken to social media to apologize for the questionable artwork which has since been recalled. Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is how you apologize, learn from what people are saying and move forward. 

Main image credit: sahiphopmag.co.za