DJ Sbu and Trevor Gumbi change lives

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

On ZAlebs we write a lot about celebrities and the things they get up to. Sometimes it's crazy, like the Pastor Zondo saga this week, and other times we just look at pictures they post on Instagram, like Khanyi Mbau today, and just kind of drool at our screens for a while before we start typing. 

What I also think we, as entertainment journalists should write more about, is when celebrities do amazing things for their communities. Take a look at Trevor Gumbi and DJ Sbu, who made a massive impact on the lives of hundreds of school kids today. This is what Sbu posted on Instagram: 

He also had some amazing things to say about his partner in crime on the day, comedian Trevor Gumbi, who we always love bumping into at events. 

It's all well and good covering the glitz and glam of celeb life, but when people take it upon themselves to make an impact for their communities, for children and for the country, it deserves recognition.

The sad thing is, these kinds of stories will never get as many headlines as the scandalous ones, but they deserve all the recognition they can get. Starting with right now. 

Well done to DJ Sbu and Trevor Gumbi. You've officially won this week.