DJ Sbu takes legal action

People are such chancers sometimes.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:56 PM


We all need to get our hustle on and secure the bag by any means necessary, but if your hustle involves scamming people or using other people's names to get ahead, you might just be bringing on some unneeded attention unto yourself.

One media personality who is tired of having people misuse his brand, all in the name of making money off of other people's hard-earned cash is DJ Sbu.

The entrepreneur/philanthropist took to his Instagram account to alert his followers about a recent scam that has been making the rounds recently.

DJ Sbu took a screenshot of what looks like a bootleg of an advert that is currently going viral on social media.

Sbu expressed how disappointed he was when people stoop so low just to make money.

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He informed his followers that he would be taking legal action against the people who created this.

"SCAM ALERT!!! Guys this is what I mean when I always say build your own brands before you up desperate & doing such nonsense with other people's brands.We are taking legal action against these guys."

Remember when Basetsana Kumalo warned people about a weight loss scam that was using her name in order to sell the product?

Main Image Credit:  Instagram/@DJSbulive