DJ Zinhle gushes over her mom

Ahead of Mother's Day, DJ Zinhle has heaped praise on her mother.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:58 PM

DJ Zinhle Smiling

As DJ Zinhle prepares to celebrate her first Mother's Day as a mom, she has taken to her blog to pay tribute to the woman who raised her.

This Sunday is Mother's Day... we really hope none of you have forgotten that! While Zinhle will be getting spoiled herself, she has taken the time to share her own story of her mother, Jabu.

Zinhle was full of praise for her mom and revealed that her mother is the reason she is a success in South Africa today.

'I was raised by a strong and beautiful woman. My mother’s name is Jabu and she has 4 children. She is the one who taught me everything I know about being a woman, a grounded and hard working woman," Zinhle wrote in her blog, MomentsByDJZinhle.

'I work hard because that is what I watched my mother do. She was a teacher who instilled in me the discipline to work hard and not to expect anything from anyone. She taught me that the person responsible for me is myself.

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'I remember very clearly how she discouraged the idea of us accepting money as a gift from people. This is how I was raised. There is nothing wrong with accepting gifts but this lesson from my mother protected me from many things. My relationships have never been shaped by how much money the other person has to offer but rather about mutual respect. I respect people equally regardless of what they have or don’t have.

'My mother does not like anything to be half done and she taught me to always see something through once I started it. I had certain house chores that were allocated to me and if I did not finish them, I was not allowed to leave the house. I hated it but now I treasure the lessons. I see things to the finish line.'

How sweet! Enjoy your first Mother's Day, Zinhle!

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