DJ Zinhle: I’m feeling overwhelmed

DJ Zinhle says she used to feel like a super woman, but things have changed since the birth of her daughter Kairo. She poured out her heart in her latest blog post “Mom’s Rock”.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

It goes without saying that raising children is hard work. Especially if you are someone like Zinhle - a mom, businesswoman, and a TV personality.

“Just a few months ago I was feeling like Super Woman, working hard, being a mom and playing all the other roles I have assigned to myself. Lately, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have been working hard, trying to make sure I secure my child’s future while providing for her financially and emotionally. I feel guilty every time I walk out on her to go to work,” Zinhle revealed.

She went on to add that she feels out of control.

“Often, as moms, we make it look easy and effortless but balancing work and being a mom is a lot of hard work. It feels asif my life and Kairo’s life is passing me by while I run around trying to balance everything. I feel out of control. I need to take stock of my life so I can regroup and plan,” she added.

Kairo recently turned 1 and Zinhle revealed that that her birth has saved her life and given her reason to live.