Ntando Duma To Troll : 'Ngizok'trapa'

The star defends her daughter against a hater.

By  | Mar 08, 2019, 02:56 AM

Ntando Duma’s baby daddy and popular DJ, Junior De Rocka, wanted to be a part of the Twitter fun when he joined the WhatItMeansToBeaFather hashtag by posting an image of him and his daughter.

This led to @TheUltimateZA sharing his thoughts on the image commenting: “This baby does not look like it costs R20000.” This is the amount of money that the actress Ntando revealed she spent on the monthly maintenance of her daughter on Twitter. 

The troll thought he would get away with his comment but Ntando had other plans when she confronted the guy face to face documenting the whole ordeal on Twitter: 

“So I "bump" into him today and ask him to say what he was on about on Twitter yesterday and he fails.”

She then referred to the number of people who hide behind their screens saying things they usually would not in order to gain some attention online.

“NGITHE: Say the exact same words you were making a noise about on Twitter for those couple of RTs.”

In a final tweet Ntando shared her thoughts on cyberbullying

In the end @TheUltimate_Za apologized blaming it on a “moment of stupidity and recklessness”.

“I hope you can forgive me for my moment of stupidity and recklessness. I ask this from the bottom of my heart. We all make mistakes and I fully acknowledge mine. I’d never wish harm on any child and I acknowledge that our children should be uplifted and not be brought down.”

Many Twitter users sided with the mother's approach of handling things.

The baby shaming drama did not end there when another Twitter user shared his thoughts on the baby saying, “I’m sorry but this baby isn’t cute”, rendering a response from baby daddy Junior De Rocka.  

“God made my baby to look like this. She many not be cute to u n that's okay. Imagine if all of us looked the same... imagine if every human being was so negative n evil like u bashing toddlers online. How nasty would the world be?! I love my daughter n she looks cute to me”

Main Image Credit: SAHipHopMagazine