Don’t forget to save up for January

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

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I know it’s not even December yet still, have you saved up for the longest month of the year? If not, then maybe you’re a bit too late. However, some of us can still afford to catch up a bit.

There are only two months left in the year. Well, November is practically over now, but I know most of us are getting paid tomorrow and next week. So, how’s about ditching the Black Friday craze and saving that money for the toughest month of the year?

School holidays have just commenced, but as some of us are now parents and know how expensive school stationery can be, maybe using some of that Black Friday money for your kids' stationery wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Besides being a parent, some of us will return to our normal daily lives with debit orders and rent money still waiting for us in January. So please, I know you want to go home and splurge on your family and friends, but don’t forget that when January comes, it will be a dry season. 

There's nothing as painful as being broke in Januworry.


Okay fine, maybe I’m a bit too late in advising you to start saving up for January. Honestly, we all should’ve begun saving up for the first month of 2019 at the beginning of this year.

But I guess this is the perfect time for you to actually consider joining a monthly stokvel that will keep your money safe until the end of the year, in that way you know that your New Year won’t come with a lot of financial strain. December is around the corner so please do enjoy it, but be financially smart when it comes to the festive season. We all know how short December is and how long January can feel, so be smart and tighten up those wallets!

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