Dr Malinga jumpstarts Idols SA

He's what the show needed

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:55 PM

Dr Malinga

At this stage of the competition, where there are still so many wanna-be singers, watching Idols can be as exciting as a dental appointment – without local anaesthetic. 

If you have seen Idols Wooden Mic clips, you can kind of understand why Randall’s meanness is sometimes excusable.

This Sunday, during Pretoria auditions, Mr High Kicks himself, Dr Malinga was the guest judge. The TV appearance will have given the Via Orlando singer more publicity for his latest track, Shebeleza. 

On Twitter, Dr Malinga was the 7th top trend in Mzansi. He out-trended the regulars on the judging panel. 

Here are some of the top tweets:

Even Candice had something to add.

Now this statement is true. 

Him and Khabonina should do a challenge to see who's more flexible.

What was your favourite moment from Dr. Malinga?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DrMalinga