Eh! Someone tried to steal Kwesta's cellphone number via a sim swap

The fraud was reportedly performed by someone the rapper knows 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Kwesta falls victim to sim swap fraud

Taking to social media earlier this week, the rapper apologized to those who had been trying to reach him via his public Whatsapp as he was unable to respond due to a "rival's" attempt at stealing the number. 

Speaking to Times Live, Kwesta's record label boss Nhlamulo Baloyi said "the sim swop stopped all communication to Kwesta's number and so we asked Vodacom to not allow it and to block any requests to do a sim swop over the phone."

It came to Kwesta's attention after Vodacom called him to report suspicious activity on the account after an unidentified person called the service provider to try and initiate the sim swap. 

Following his social media rant, Nhlamulo confirmed that the number that requested the sim swop was allegedly tracked to someone in the industry.


Main image credit: Instagram