Ellen Degeneres: I am your host

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres revealed her 2014 Academy Awards poster last night wearing a rather sleek tuxedo with the caption “I’d like to thank the Academy. Seriously. Thank you.”

Without a doubt Ellen knocks the androgynous look out the park, ZAlebs absolutely loves how she alters men’s wear to suit her feminine physique.  You can’t help but have a bit of a girl crush on Ellen especially when she puts on a pair of chino pants with a check shirt and cardigan jersey, ending off the  semi-formal attire with some fresh pair of sneakers.

We can’t wait to see what Ellen has to offer as the host for the year's most prestigious award.  Its sure to be one humdinger of an event considering how quirky and funny she can be.

And who can forget this Oscar 2014 promo video of Ellen dancing in the streets of Hollywood with an entourage of dancers.

Last night Ellen also scooped her fourteenth award at the People's Choice Awards. And treated the audience to a light joke that involved another well respect talk show host.

“As a matter of fact, yesterday I was talking to this lovely African-American woman, and she told me she was single and she works 80 hours a week to get by, and she looks forward to coming home every single night and watching me.  And that woman’s name is Oprah Winfrey.” Said Ellen

Make sure you catch the 2014 Academy Awards set to air on Sunday the 2nd of March.