Emtee's Take On Mampintsha

The rapper slams domestic violence.

By  | Mar 08, 2019, 02:56 AM

The name Mampintsha is almost on everyone's lips recently including SA's rapper Emtee. The Pearl Thusi hit maker recorded an Instagram video whereby he slammed using women as punching bags, whilst indirectly slamming Mampintsha.

The video starts off with the rapper stating that people are always coming at him for being "high", presumably after smoking weed and that even in that hazy state, he would never smack anyone.

Emtee continued to add: "These Ni*** say that I smoke better weed than them, just because they can't afford the sh** that I'd be smoking." It then became clear that the following words were directed at Mampintsha:''There's Ni**** (are) out there using their girlfriends as punching bags."

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Emtee is not new to blasting people on his regular Instagram live videos. Previously he has dragged fellow rapper,  Cassper Nyovest by calling him a fat boy who can't make good beats and continued to diss him about not having major obligations including children.

Just a few weeks ago he also dragged Ambitiuoz Entertainment on Twitter, which happens to be his current record label. The rapper voiced out his concerns over his finances being mismanaged and just being generally taken for granted. During these public rants, one can easily sense Emtee's subtle cry for help, which no doubt led to him reaching out to South African hip hop authority, Sizwe Dhlomo with the hope of roping him in as his manager - to which he respectfully declined.

Other well known South African celebrities that have publicly called out Mampintsha for his recent foul behaviour include, Reason, Boity, DJ Zinhle, Sizwe Dhlomo and many others.

Below are just some of the comments slamming the Kwaito star.

It is always inspiring to witness celebrities boldly calling out fellow celebrities for their bad behaviour. This show of unity could probably prompt other celebrities or ordinary folks alike to come out of their respective abusive and toxic relationships, with the hope that this kind of support would apply to them too and that there is no shame in walking away from an abusive partner.

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