Enhle Maphumulo promises to do "something special" for the woman who helped her

The actress took to social media to celebrate her hero 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM


The only thing worse than being a victim of crime is having to be violated while witnesses and bystanders carry on as though they cannot see that you are in danger and that is what seems to have happened to Enhle Mamphumulo when she was hiijacked recently

Although Maphumulo has been relatively quiet since it happened, she recently logged on to social media to acknowledge messages of support, and more importantly, to thank the woman who fought passed her own fear and put herself in danger to help. 

The woman has been identified only as Nicky and Maphumulo has vowed to show her appreciation by "doing something nice" for Nicky. 

On the other hand, she had to take on a racist troll who felt the need to diminish what she had been through, citing racial bias. But Maphumulo was having none of it as she quickly sought to put the anonymous troll back in his place. 

Main image credit: instagram.com by Stevel Marc