Erykah Badu heading to SA

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Singer Erykah Badu will be the star attraction at the 15th Cape Town International Jazz festival.
The Grammy winning artist will be making her way to South Africa to perform for the first time in her career at the famous, annual, Cape Town Jazz festival. Fans of Badu's music can expect to her some of her famous tracks including Tyrone as well as some of the songs from her Grammy award winning album, Baduizm.
Badu’s music is a prime example of the best that Neo-Soul can offer.  Throughout her career she has focused on blending the contemporary styles of the genres soul and hip hop.  She expresses a deeper message, as opposed to common R&B music.
The songs in Badu’s albums express her personal take on life. Her philosophy is influenced by African ideology, African centrered and Five percent theologies and Southern African-American traditions. She will be a perfect fit for the crowd that the Cape Town Jazz festival will be attracting.
Among the local acts who are set to Join Badu are Jonas Gwangwa, rapper Reason, and hot young band on the rise The Muffinz.
(Credit: Facebook.Erykah Badu)