Scandal’s Brighton Ngoma: Our Wednesday Caramel Candy

What a man, what a mighty good man.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Brighton Ngema

Its really hard to ignore the growth of multiracial celebrities in the South African entertainment Industry.

Brighton Ngoma is one of the few men in the South African entertainment industry with a multiracial background. The Scandal! actor formally known as Quinton on the show is the same yet very different to his on screen persona.

Brighton is a very goofy, fun smart and complex guy born to a Swiss father and Xhosa mother. Brighton’s father left his mother when he was only five years old and left Brighton to be raised by his fathers family.


The 31-year-old admits to not being able to speak any Swiss, but he did have a good relationship with that side of his family. When he was only seventeen, he lost his mother who was a nurse at the hospital where his father was once a doctor. Growing up without a tight knit really had a tole on his upbringing, but this handsome actor didn’t let that determine his future.


‘’I consider everyone who comes into my circle and stays family’’, I appreciate those who have been there for me, says Ngoma.

Like many others, Brighton’s acting career started at the very bottom. He started off as an extra, then went on to get a cameo role and now is one of the main characters in the drama series.

Scandal is his first on screen acting job and he is loving every minute of it. Apart from the money, the CEO title and being a businessman, Quinton’s upbringing is in someway similar to Brighton’s. “I can relate to some scenes more than others, I have more of a sense of humour than him but we’re not too different’ he once mentioned.

Brighton has been with his current girlfriend Tshepi Mashego(former Rhythm City actress, Diphuka0 for almost a decade now and plans on starting a family with her. Brighton has never kept his lady a secret and often posts pictures of her on Instagram.

Brighton 2

Brighton is a professional body paint artist as well.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Brighton_Ngoma