Euphonik on Arthur: He's just an evil person

The DJ has serious issues with and against Arthur

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM


We all know that Euphonik is an outspoken person. The DJ and businessman is known for never mincing his words and some people love him for that. 

Euphonik was interviewed on Metro FM this week, and during the interview, among other things, he was asked on his view on burying the hatchet. This after Mo Flava shared his experience with Black Motion (they recently made up). 

"I think I deal with things as and when they come and as and when they happen. I don't really have grudges with anyone," Euphonik said on The Drive. 

He said he can count the number of people he would stay away from, adding that the only person he's got "serious personal issues" with is Arthur. He didn't mention which Arthur he was referring to, but we think we have an idea. 

Euphonik continued: "He's just an evil person, he's an evil human being, and unfortunately like everyone just ducks and dives and like hides behind him being him being a grootman and all of that. And for me, like I grew up like knowing that respect is given to every single person until they take it away from you. So, he's one person that like I can say took his respect of him away from me." 

The DJ also mentioned that he's cool with AKA. 

Main image credit: Instagram/@Euphonik