A few interesting facts about Noni Gasa

She's more than what meets the eye.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

Fans rejoice as Noni Gasa returns to the limelight

If you read up about Noni Gasa, the first sentence you'll probably come across is how she's been described as one of South Africa's most revered style icons & media personalities.

Interestingly enough, during her interview on Kaya FM's The B Side with Bridget Masinga,  Noni Gasa mentioned that she does not consider herself a style icon at all but merely just loves fashion.

"I've always enjoyed fashion, for me, it has always been beyond superficial, I don't consider myself the best dressed, I don't even consider myself a fashion icon, there are fashion icons and there are people who dress well, I've become somebody who dresses well," she told Bridget.

An interesting fact we've also come to learn about Noni is that she really is about this fashion life.

In the interview, she also revealed that she has a double Master's Degree in fashion from Shanghai, Paris and Florence, Italy. 

"I've been involved in clothing retail for years now, it's something I've dedicated myself to, beyond the aesthetic and the entertainment value of fashion. I'm very much on the strategy side, so I work with clients, big retail clients on their fashion, PR & marketing strategy, that's where I'm most comfortable."

Other interesting facts about Noni are:

  • She enjoys being outdoors and one with nature.
  • She now lives in Cape Town but lived in Johannesburg for thirteen years.
  • She respects social media but doesn't feel obligated to post about everything she does.
  • She's also a judge on Project Runway South Africa which will air on Mzansi Magic on the 10th of July at 9:30pm

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Main Image Credit: Twitter