Five things you didn’t know about Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah talks to Luxury Listings New York about being a loan shark and deejaying at illegal street bashes. 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Trevor Noah The Daily Show host Playboy

Despite all the jokes about him not making it back for the MTV Africa Music Awards, Trevor Noah is a big deal right now!

He recently sat down with American website,Luxury Listings New York, to discuss a few things we had no idea about.

1. He made and sold mixtapes in high school.

Not the modern-day definition of mixtapes but the old school record-your-favourite-songs-off-the-radio-onto-a-cassette type mixtapes. He used the profits buy himself McDonalds and other "nice things."

2.  He was part of a dance crew led by the a friend named Hitler.

No mention as to what the crew was called but it makes us wonder what Noah looks like when he’s dancing.

Trevor Noah New York

3. He deejayed illegal street parties in more dangerous townships.

This later led to him getting into TV/acting and he later got a job at YFM which he had to ditch for his one shot at comedy.

4. He resold stolen goods which later turned into a payday-loan business.

Heh banna!

5. Once, he yelled “Daddy!” at the zoo when he was quite young and his father had to run.

It is no secret that Noah was born to an inter-racial couple but some of the more heart-breaking stories about just how bad his family had it during apartheid have only recently made it into the spotlight.