From Our Playlist To Your Ears

It's been a bumpy ride, but music heals

By  | Mar 28, 2020, 07:36 PM

We bring to you the Quarantines playlist for the 21 days #Lockdown stay sane and listen to some good tunes.

One person at a time, when you stumble upon this playlist, puff and pass to your squad and make someone’s day a little less blue. Covid-19 together with the #SALockdown have made us have no choice but to stay home, but we will make the most of this right here moment.
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A Taste Of What We Have For You

Ever fell in a Rabbit Whole of social media and discover that your faves are releasing some new music? Well, we couldn’t contain our excitement but share all the latest news in music and our playlist with you. We can safely say you are in good hands.

We have listened to these jams and would recommend 100% for all those long days at home, working, chilling and just to fit right into your daily routine at home is this playlist to keep you dancing and comforting you in these tough times. This is our hug to you, from ZAlebs with love.
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At ZAlebs we pride ourselves with giving you nothing but the best in the latest news and celebrity trivia, but this time we thought it would be best to show our love to you in a different way, a more personal approach to let you know you are always our best interest at heart. Plugging you with the latest music is just our forte too, so quarantine and self-isolate in perfect harmony and in the right state of mind.
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These will sure calm Corona Anxiety and anxiety in its totality, don’t forget to turn your house into a dance party though. This playlist is signed, sealed and delivered to you, whether you are into Hip Hop, RnB, Indie, Trap, AmaPiano and so much more there is something for you to enjoy.

Here Is A Bonus Plug, For Mahala!

Maybe a playlist of just a few songs won’t be enough for the next 21 days of being on lock down. We have been closely following all the latest news and new albums and of course making sure that here at ZAlebs we give you a taste of other gems that have been making the rounds on our playlists. Here is a list of artists and their amazing albums you could listen to during this time:
Black Coffee

Nakhane Toure