Gabriel Temudzani's affair goes public

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Photos of ‘Muvhango’ actor Gabriel Temudzani with his mistress Mpume Hlongwane have emerged and it is now she has confirmed that she is pregnant. 

The actor, who previously denied the affair and continues to do so, was caught out when photos of the two emerged.

Sunday Sun recently revealed that Mpume is expecting a baby and reports that friends close to the couple are unhappy about Temudzani’s denial of it all.

 “How can he go and wash his hands of her. She is carrying his child, for heaven’s sake! 

“But he denies knowing her,” said one friend.

The source said: “He should have used protection if he didn’t want a child. He has the audacity to say he has his own Queen – when he’s been busy with Mpume!” 

“It’s no longer about them but about the unborn child. She is also saying they agreed to keep the relationship secret. But we’re saying she should wake up and smell the coffee.

“Because if he denies her now, there’s a greater chance of him denying the child,” said the friend.

Mpume said she has an agreement with Gabriel.

She told Sunday Sun: “I know our agreement. He’s not denying my pregnancy – but denying what was written in the newspaper.

“We understand each other very well. This matter is between me and Gab only. People should just stop interfering in our affair,” said Mpume. 

Gabriel was not available for comment at the time of going to press.