Generations The Legacy: Mabaso vs Mogale

It’s a battle of the powerful, rich and dangerous on Generations The Legacy, who’s more dangerous Jack Mabaso or Tau Mogale?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

jack mabaso

The heat is on in this soapie, as two of the biggest villains in the soapie go head to head and try to ruin each others reputation.

Thabi Cele was killed by Gadaffi because she was well on her way to putting Tau Mogale behind bars for the murder of her brother Abe. Gadaffi cut her life short without Tau’s knowledge because if Tau goes down, he goes down with him.

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Gadaffi is also on Tau’s side because Mabaso took his woman. Remember that Tshidi and Jack kiss that we’re still traumatised about?
Jack and Tshidi generations kiss 3

Yeah, this one, we apologize if you're having lunch.

Anyway, Gadaffi might still be mad at Jack for dating his wife so he’s out for revenge.

Thabi was working with Jack Mabaso to help her put Tau behind bars and we all know why Jack did it. He wants Mogale out of his way so he can run his business smoothly and eliminate any possible competition. If you’re a real fan of the soapie then you know Mogale and Mabaso’s beef goes way back. 


Even though he has no solid evidence that will put Mogale away for good, Mabaso is somehow convinced that Mogale has something to do with her murder. Tau was taken in for questioning but once again, he dodged a bullet.

Gadaffi managed to convince Tau that the police were only after him because he was somehow framed so now it’s time for revenge. As much as Mabaso is planting evidence that will lead police to Tau, Mogale plans on doing the same even though the evidence the police had acquired so far points at Mogale. The tables are about to turn.

Money and power are two elements both men have. They’ve both had their fair share of trouble with the law but like always, they manage to trick justice and get away scot-free every time.

The interesting thing is that Mogale and Mabaso have nothing to do with Thabi's murder but because they’re so caught up in trying to bring each other down, they’re overlooking any other suspects and just focusing on ruining each other's lives. 

So who’s the better villain, who has the best goons, who’ll take who down and prove to be Generations The Legacy’s most reputable and powerful man?