Gerry Ransteli-Elsdon's daughter makes it into the Miss SA finals

The stunning former presenter is passing the beauty baton on to her baby.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Gerry, Lerato and Priyeshka

Remember Gerry Elsdon (nee Ransteli)? If you answered no to that question, you are either way too young or you need us to refresh your memory.

Feeling so pretty 😗😗

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In addition to being a former M-Net continuity presenter, a host and executive producer with Gupta-owned news network, ANN7 and a former Big Brother South Africa host, Elsdon had had stints in publishing, production, education and broadcasting.

Not only is she a prominent host and philanthropist, she just extremely gorgeous too!

Every time we see her out and about, we are often caught staring at her as we try to figure out how she hasn’t aged a day. She still looks like the fresh-faced dread-locked beauty we grew up watching.

Gerry married Canadian-born Kerry Elsdon in 2007 and the couple share two foster children, Priyeshka Lutchman and Lerato Legoale. Kerry is chief executive of Daimler Chrysler Financial Services in South Africa and has children from a previous marriage who all live on their own now.

In an interview with a website called Nubian Bride, the couple recounts the tale of how they met.

“We actually met within three months of me arriving in the country,” said Kerry. The pair then kept running into each other at industry parties.

Gerry described the development of their relationship as a business friendship that quickly blossomed into a personal one.  

“I went through a difficult time at one point and, being a celebrity, there aren’t a lot of people that you can talk to about certain things; you just don’t know what’s going to get into the media and what isn’t,” Gerry told the website.

In an unusual but comendeble turn of events, Gerry is the one who proposed to Kerry.

“I’ve always said that I was meant to be married... There are some women who think that you want to get married because you don’t want to be single, but you can still be independent within a marriage,” she explained.

The Blessing of Family. First pool day of summer.

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And now, the couple will be supporting one of her gorgeous daughters - the 24-year-old Priyeshka - as she goes on the journey to fight for that Miss SA crown. Both their daughters are part-time models, but only Priyeshka will be pursuing the title. 

Proud of our Darling girl. You were born for this! Miss South Africa 2017

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Cause Dad nose best 💐💟💖 @kerry_ge @priyeshka @leratolegoale

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Priyeshka Lutchman

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