Get your 2019 goals ready

2018 is almost over, time for new dreams and goals

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:55 PM

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As much as 2018 has been a somewhat enjoyable ride for some, others have viewed this year to be quite challenging with a lot of losses than wins.

But that’s ok, not all of us will achieve all our goals and achievements in one year, but it is always imperative to always plan ahead, no matter how many curve balls the year might throw at you.

So granted, you probably didn’t save as much money to buy that car or even got to your weight goal in 2018, but that’s absolutely ok because, in life, we sometimes have the luck of being given second and even third chances; to dust ourselves off and aim at achieving those set goals for ourselves once again.

Goals don’t have expiration dates

You might be a bit discouraged at the thought of having to start all over again in 2019 with something you thought you were going to achieve in 2018, but the great thing about goals and dreams is that they do not have an expiration date. If anything, your goals are always there just waiting for you to achieve them.

But when you’re serious about achieving your goals there are a few things you need to identify. These things comprise of either people, habits or your environment.


It’s always important to surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. For instance, I’m an energy type of person and I easily absorb other people’s energies. So most of the time I avoid people who are always negative, always complaining and hardly optimistic about anything in life including their goals.

Ever heard of the saying: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future?"  Well, if you’re spending time with people who are hardly working on themselves or on their goals right into 2019, then chances are you’re probably not going to achieve your goals in 2019 either. And yes, I did mention that goals don’t have an expiry date, but you need to have some sort of improvement each year right?


The bad habits are the most difficult ones to get rid of, trust me I know. Instead of making my own salad at home just before going to work what do I do? buy Mcdonalds, which means I’m not only purchasing an unhealthy meal but I’m also wasting money that I could’ve saved by making my own lunch at home, hence that’s why I haven’t achieved my weight goal. See where am I  going with this?

Bad habits are the worst hinders of achieving your goal and such habits, unfortunately, do die hard. So as we’re left with two months to go until 2019, just make sure you’ve identified those bad habits that have hindered you from achieving your goal this year. Discipline yourself and detach from bad habits as slowly and as carefully as possible.


According to a quote by Scott H. Young in his article about making a goal friendly environment, he writes:  “One of the best secrets of motivation is that by changing your environment you can influence your own levels of enthusiasm, drive and desire towards the goals you have set.”

This is a quote that I live by on a daily basis and constantly remind myself of my environment, especially when I’m in beast-mode and gunning towards achieving a goal. As I’ve mentioned in my previous A to Zee articles, one of my passions is to learn how to play a keyboard, so every weekend I have now strategically made it a goal of mine to spend at least an hour at a music store for inspiration and motivation.

I may not be a pro when it comes to playing my keyboard yet, but being in an environment that is heavily focused on creating music every weekend for an hour, is a great start to achieving that goal.

So again, don't beat yourself up for having not achieved your goal this year. However, in 2019 be very cognizant of the things that have hindered you from working towards achieving greatness.

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