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It is not only about acting but hard work research and networking

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:55 PM


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working in the entertainment industry, the one thing that you will quickly come to learn is that this is an industry of networking. 

Your talent can only get you so far, but the right mentality and the willingness to go that extra mile will get you right where you need to be, especially if you’re in the business of becoming an actor.

Here at ZAlebs, we receive countless of e-mails and Facebook inboxes from some of our readers requesting for us to help them get into the entertainment/acting industry.

We appreciate you placing your trust in us in helping you fulfil your dreams of becoming a thespian but sending an occasional inbox to the ZAlebs team is really not going to get your acting career off the ground.


So because we value you so much,  I decided to reach out to a number of industry professionals who were kind enough to list for me a number of guidelines on what you need to do in order to get into the acting and television industry.

These guidelines are the stepping stones on what you need to do in order to ensure that you make it into the industry and to ensure that you have a sense of longevity whilst in this business.

Here are a few guidelines that I’ve come to learn from the many conversations I’ve had with a number of seasoned industry gatekeepers.


This is an obvious one. People need to have a real passion for this craft, commitment and passion is key. As we may all know the acting industry is a tough business to crack into and to have longevity within this industry is even more difficult. Actors are known to go on for months without a job or pay but if you’re really passionate about this craft you are likely to find more ways than one to find a number of jobs through your passion and hard work.


Communication is key as well, without communication you can't survive in this industry and you need to be reliable also. Remember, this is a small industry and bad news gets around really quick, so the last thing you want to be known for is that you’re a difficult and unreliable artist. Unreliable artists/actors don’t get booked.


You don't always have to be trained, I’ve come across many actors who have never been trained and they are phenomenal in front of the camera. They get lead roles over and above the top actors and it's all because they are confident, confidence is key.

How to get your feet in the acting industry

The best way to get a taste of the acting world is to approach an acting agency. When approaching the agency make sure that you have your biography prepared with a set of professional photographs of yourself. The next step would be to meet and sit down with the agency and discuss where to from there.

More photos will be taken and placed in a database where the actor will then be given a bit of training which is very important because you can't go into an audition without knowing what to expect.

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Competition is rife

Always take into consideration that you're not the only person that's trying to get their big break.

Let's take the age group between 18-25 years of age across the board, all races, male and female. That's a very populated age group because everybody of that age wants to be on TV, so the competition there is very hectic so you honestly have to bring your A-game in this industry. But I believe in quality, not quantity, agents would rather have 100 people in their books than a thousand who don't have much talent.

Never pay for auditions

Nobody should be paying for an audition, that's totally taboo if that ever happens then you should immediately know that it’s not a legit agency or audition they're dealing with. You do not pay or get paid to do an audition.

And there you have it folks I hope these guidelines will help you in achieving your dream of becoming an actor. See you on stage or on television.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PallanceDladla